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Everything You Need to Know

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FAQs About Budzy’s Cannabis in Hamilton, Ontario

Effects of Cannabis

While cannibis can affect you in different ways depending on your own body and the amount of THC and CBD content, almost all effects are sure to be temporary. The benefits of the plant include stress relief, anxiety reduction, increased creativity, and a larger appetite.

Achieving Desired Effects 

Until the 1980s, people believed that the species of cannabis, sativa or indica, was the sole cause of the effect produced by the plant. Sativa was thought to produce a more energetic experience, while indica was said to be more sleep-inducing. Now, with hundreds of new hybrids and strains available, this information may be misleading. Today the science tells active components and their combinations are what determine the kind of high one would feel.


Avoiding Unpleasant Effects

It is best to consume cannabis in small amounts in order to avoid an unpleasant experience. That being said, more effects are temporary and should not be cause for concern in the long run. Symptoms of bad high may include:

  • Anxiety, Panic, or Paranoia
  • Dizziness or Hallucinations
  • Disorganized Thoughts
  • Memory Problems
  • Reduced Reaction Time
  • Sleepiness
  • Inability to Concentrate

Long Term Effects

A handful of studies have shown that there may be long-term effects associated with regular use of cannabis. These long-term effects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Risks to brain development if consumption begins before age 25. This is especially likely when consuming strains with high THC content and/or if consumption is frequent
  • An increased risk to mental health for long-term heavy consumers.
  • Possible lung damage and infections associated with deep inhalation.
  • Possible addiction (Health Canada estimates a 9% addiction rate).
  • Coughing and throat irritation from inhaling cannabis.
  • Exposure to harmful second-hand smoke.
  • Risk of harm to concentration, decision-making ability, intelligence and memory. 

Please feel free to refer to the Health Canada website for more information regarding the potential health effects of cannabis consumption.

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